The most common question asked of us is, “can you finance this?

For an initial review of your commercial funding request so we may answer that question quickly, we only require a minimum number of documents. Please email us your:

  • Executive Summary, 3 – 5 pages which states amount requested & your equity

  • Personal Financial Statement which also reflects FICO score & liquidity

Once we have those documents we can provide a quick response about the viability of our company providing your commercial funding. Be advised, before we can represent your funding request to all of the capital sources we represent, we must have a signed agreement in place. Please inquire.

We have assembled a number of blank forms here for your use which are commonly required to complete funding requests.  Please download, complete, and email us any forms you require which are applicable to your request.

Our document submission policy is as follows:

All text documents should be submitted in Word format with a .doc file extension. Spreadsheets should be sent with a .xls file extension using Excel. We can also accept .pdf’s, and image files are only accepted for property or land photos, or artist renditions. Please do not send image files such as .gif, .jpg, or .png files which are images of “text documents”.

For those of you who do not own Microsoft Office to create .doc, and .xls files, or own a copy of Adobe Acrobat which allows you to create .pdf’s, there are free versions of software available to you.

To create a pdf file, you can download the free software titled – PDF Creator located here > After this software is installed, to make a pdf of your document created in another software, you simply click print, and then choose PDF Creator as your printer. A window will appear prompting you to save the file with a name.pdf.

For those wanting to produce Word and Excel compatible documents, you can freely download the office suite software titled – OpenOffice located here >

And finally, the free scanning software titled – ICopy located here >

Now that you have these software tools to help, you should be set to submit. We have listed this helpful information to assist you in your submission process to us. PLEASE do not contact us with technical support questions for these products. In the event you do not have the computer skills necessary to produce the documents we require, for a flat fee,  we can prepare them for you. Contact us for details.

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