Sale Leaseback Financing

Unlock capital with Sale Leaseback Financing

Many companies and municipalities are just now discovering the advantages of sale leasebacks to access quick working capital. Sale leaseback financing is an increasingly popular alternative to traditional financing for lower mid-market companies that are looking to pull equity out of their real estate.
sale leaseback financing
Some of the advantages of sale leasebacks include:

• Tax advantages of leasing
• Quick availability of capital
• Improved balance sheet ratios
• Reduced costs over conventional financing

Businesses restricted from incurring additional debt by prior loan or bond agreements may be able to circumvent these limits by using a sale leaseback. Rent payments under sale leasebacks usually are not considered indebtedness for such purposes, thus a business can meet its cash needs through a sale leaseback without violating any previous agreements. In many cases, sale leasebacks can be executed in an expedited manner compared to many other forms of finance.
sale leaseback financing
Unlock the value of your commercial real estate assets and get full market price for your properties. There is dedicated capital to long term sale leaseback financing for corporate and municipalities and we can structure transactions of most any size. Contact Critical Mass Capital today to discuss how a quick sale leaseback financing can benefit your company or municipality.