Sale Leaseback Financing

Unlock capital with Sale Leaseback Financing Many companies and municipalities are just now discovering the advantages of sale leasebacks to access quick working capital. Sale leaseback financing is an increasingly popular alternative to traditional financing for lower mid-market companies that … Read More


Consider Factoring to increase your cash flow. Any business that invoices other businesses for payment can use factoring to increase cash flow.     Factoring Defined Factoring refers to an arrangement whereby a factor purchases an account(s) receivable from a … Read More

Equipment Leasing Financing

We offer flexible national equipment leasing financing. If your company is considering an equipment purchase, but would like to preserve capital, save money on your taxes, and find the most cost effective solutions for keeping your equipment up to date, … Read More

Hotel Motel Financing

Hotel Motel financing — bridge, mezzanine and permanent financing Has your bank rejected your Hotel Motel financing request? The truth is that many banks are rejecting most financing requests that they wouldn’t have a few years ago. Don’t become discouraged, … Read More

Oil and Gas Financing

Oil and Gas Financing Critical Mass Capital supports the oil and gas financing efforts of  US Oil & Natural Gas production for onshore upstream midstream and downstream operations. We have partnered with many private investment groups and banks across the … Read More

Municipality Financing Leasing

Municipality Financing Leasing Don’t believe for a second that Municipality Financing is only available through large investment firms or banks. At Critical Mass Capital we offer a wide array of financing, leasing and credit facilities to meet the varying needs … Read More

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