Equipment Leasing Financing

We offer flexible national equipment leasing financing.

If your company is considering an equipment purchase, but would like to preserve capital, save money on your taxes, and find the most cost effective solutions for keeping your equipment up to date, Critical Mass Capital has equipment leasing financing solutions for you. Starting at $10,000.

Your equipment financing can be structured to fit your capital needs. We can provide capital leases, operating leases (true lease), fair market value, dollar buyout, or term loan equipment financing.

Why is equipment leasing different with us?

Speak to a large top tier bank and inform them that 30% or more of your lease costs are (soft costs) and watch their reaction. Large banks generally put a 20% cap on your soft costs equipment leasing. We can do better!

What if you are an early stage business or have less than perfect credit?

Certain conditions apply, but in many cases we can get you approved for the equipment leasing you need starting at $10K. We understand things happen. We work with A, B, C and D credit rated clients.

Don’t be fooled by “bait and switch” leasing companies that quote a low rate to get your interest, then quote a higher rate after reviewing your credit!

We have a finance solution for every credit type — and will quote (the BEST monthly payment available) you qualify for!

Download our equipment leasing application to complete and return to us and get your application process started today. Other company financial information may be required before we can quote your equipment lease.

We can also offer your company cash out refinancing on your equipment for up to 75% of the equipment value and, we offer (used equipment leasing and financing).

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We can assist with your equipment leasing and financing needs for:

• Restaurant Equipment Leasing
• Municipal Equipment Leasing
• Medical and Dental Equipment Leasing
• Material Handling Equipment Leasing
• Hotel Equipment Leasing
• Chiropractic Equipment Leasing
• Software and Computer Leasing
• Back Up Power Equipment Leasing
• Heavy Equipment Leasing
• Office Equipment Leasing
• Diagnostic Equipment leasing
• Cat Scan MRI Equipment Leasing
• Hospital Equipment Leasing
• Rolling Stock Equipment Leasing
• Truck Equipment Leasing
• Fleet Equipment Leasing
• Aircraft Equipment Leasing
• Robotic Equipment Leasing
• Government Equipment Leasing
• Tenant build out Improvement Leasing
• Telecom Equipment Leasing
• Data Center Equipment Leasing
• Transportation Equipment Leasing
• Point of Sale Equipment Leasing
• Manufacturing Equipment Leasing
• Laboratory Equipment Leasing
• Surveillance Equipment Leasing
• Excavation Equipment Leasing
• Waste Management Equipment Leasing
• Automotive Service Equipment Leasing
• Aircraft and Automotive Leasing
• Crane Equipment Leasing
• Franchise Equipment Leasing and many other lease types

Why are 80% of U.S. businesses, from the Fortune 500 to the local family business, leasing a portion of their depreciable assets?

Equipment leasing can be an extremely flexible solution. For this reason, there are many different benefits to equipment leasing and an equal number of motives as to why people lease.

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Free Up Capital

Most types of financing require down payments of up to 25%, whereas leasing covers 95% of the cost of the equipment. Most equipment leases require only one or two payments in advance.

Get immediate use of the equipment with minimal up-front cost and pay for the equipment as income is earned from its use. Keep your business’s cash for future needs, unexpected expenses or working capital when revenues are low.

Off Balance Sheet

Equipment leasing can be structured for “off balance sheet accounting” (operating leases), which improves your company’s ratios and protects against lending covenant violations.

Low Monthly Payments

A monthly equipment lease payment will usually be lower than the payment required by other methods of financing.

materials handling equipment leasing

Simplify Your Accounting

Equipment leasing eliminates the need for complicated depreciation schedules since lease payments are generally line item expenses on your P&L statement.

Eliminate Obsolescence

Technology is changing at a rapid fire pace. What meets your business’ needs today may be obsolete three years from now. Equipment leasing allows you the flexibility to maintain a competitive edge by giving you today’s best technology then allowing you to upgrade when the equipment has outlived its advantage.

medical equipment leasingdental equipment leasing

Unlike bank lines of credit that usually have variable rates, lease payments are fixed no matter what happens in the market. By choosing to lease you won’t be a victim of skyrocketing interest rates. Remember the 80’s when rates rose from 9% to over 20% in one year? That can’t happen with equipment leasing.

Significant tax and accounting advantages

Since equipment leasing payments can usually be treated as a pre-tax business expense you may even reduce your taxes. Paying cash for equipment automatically adds 30-40% to the cost when you realize that cash = profits and taxes are paid on profits. Equipment leasing is the right choice! It minimizes demands on cash flow, eliminates obsolescence, keeps your bank lines open, saves on taxes.

Smaller Initial Investment

Equipment leasing is still significantly less than a large equipment purchase or the costs of securing a bank loan.

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Better financing options

It’s not true that you need a lengthy (or strong) financial history to get a lease. This is important to know for the newest of businesses that might be very credit worthy, but haven’t been around long enough to establish themselves.

Rolling Stock Leasing Financing Diesel tanker leasing

Increased purchasing power

Use your resources more effectively to get high-quality equipment that you may not be able to afford outright.

Bulldozer Leasing Backhoe frontloader leasing


We do not require blanket liens, business plans, audited statements, cross-collateralizations or many of the other demands traditional financial lenders put on businesses.


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Equipment leasing can cover everything you need to make your equipment work for you. This includes software, installation, related leasehold improvements, training and even some supply items. All of this reduces your initial costs to minimal levels, letting you earn profits from your new equipment faster.

We offer equipment leasing in these states:

Alabama Equipment Leasing, Arizona Equipment Leasing, Arkansas Equipment Leasing, California Equipment Leasing, Colorado Equipment Leasing, Connecticut Equipment Leasing, Delaware Equipment Leasing, District of Columbia Equipment Leasing, Florida Equipment Leasing, Georgia Equipment Leasing, Idaho Equipment Leasing, Illinois Equipment Leasing, Indiana Equipment Leasing, Iowa Equipment Leasing, Kansas Equipment Leasing, Kentucky Equipment Leasing, Louisiana Equipment Leasing, Maine Equipment Leasing, Maryland Equipment Leasing, Massachusetts Equipment Leasing, Michigan Equipment Leasing, Minnesota Equipment Leasing, Mississippi Equipment Leasing, Missouri Equipment Leasing, Montana Equipment Leasing, Nebraska Equipment Leasing, Nevada Equipment Leasing, New Hampshire Equipment Leasing, New Jersey Equipment Leasing, New Mexico Equipment Leasing, New York Equipment Leasing, North Carolina Equipment Leasing, North Dakota Equipment Leasing, Ohio Equipment Leasing, Oklahoma Equipment Leasing, operating leases, Oregon Equipment Leasing, Pennsylvania Equipment Leasing, Rhode Island Equipment Leasing, South Carolina Equipment Leasing, South Dakota Equipment Leasing, Tennessee Equipment Leasing, Texas Equipment Leasing, Utah Equipment Leasing, Vermont Equipment Leasing, Virginia Equipment Leasing, Washington Equipment Leasing, West Virginia Equipment Leasing, Wisconsin Equipment Leasing, Wyoming Equipment Leasing.

Contact us today to discuss your national equipment leasing and financing needs. Please inquire with any (unique leasing needs) you may have that are not listed here, as we can be quite resourceful.